Consultants expertises are matched to analysis tasking. We provide in-depth analyses including data interpretation for compliance, facilitated group sessions, interviews with leadership, and group exercises with staff to identify areas for growth or development.

Conceptualization Discuss with clients their over-arching vision and current needs for organization.

Evaluation Evaluate organizations issues and present viable solutions. This could be a formal briefing paper, documentation for a presentation, including power point, or full report with appendices. All reports are sent electronically and hard copies sent through a mail service.

Implementation Great visionaries articulate fabulous plans. To have successful programs meet the desired effect a sound implementation model is critical. Implementation models and timelines will be developed.

Reports Reports are issued to the organization throughout project, updates on work in progress, completed tasks, issues that may affect outcome or future considerations for organization. All reports are sent electronically and hard copies sent through a mail service.

Strategic Planning Strategic planning is necessary for desired outcomes. Great visions and ideas are your job, seeing the ways they can be met is ours. A sound strategic plan will help outline your mission, vision, and philosophy. The plan will be placed in a written document, which could be used as guidance.

Sustainability Our sustainability practice comes from years of experience integrating sustainability concepts and principles into industries, educational systems at every level, and working with state, local, and the federal government on workforce issues.