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Program and Vendor Management

If we are not your test developer we can still assist with the negotiation of all contract terms with a vendor, including job task analysis, delivery, pricing, item development, item analysis, and customer service. This service provides top quality assessment experts to assist you with your Request for proposal (RFP) writing and reviewing, working with your contractors and assisting you in every aspect of exam and education development to complement your system. We can go from the task of assisting with the RFP process to detailed staffing which could entail holding weekly team calls to keep your global, complicated, multi-exam, multi-form, multi-language program moving and of the highest quality and security.

In addition we could hold quarterly contract meetings with the teams and leadership of both organizations, to ensure buy-in at the highest levels. In these meetings we may review key performance indicators, discuss any issues, and brainstorm on ways to improve your program. In our experience with assessment vendors they are always open to ways for streamlining the process of development and getting the product to market faster without losing any quality.